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Graduation Ceremony
Cairo, The Four Seasons hotel

Graduation Ceremony
Cairo, J.W. Marriot hotel

Graduation Ceremony
Cairo, Grand Hayat hotel

Graduation Ceremony
Cairo, Pharos Nile Boat


الخريطة الذهنية لتعلم الللغة الالنجليزية .. اضغط هنا


HOTLINES: +20 1141111304 Or / +202 333 89917

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Academic and practical development
By English or Arabic Language through flexible study
in more than 28 managerial fields and overall International Certificate.

 :: Video 2009 Ceremony - 90 Minutes TV Programme


:: Mahmoud Saad achieves the MBA :: Moutaz achieves the MBA
Mahmoud Saad receives his CIC honorary MBA award in Cairo 2009

Moataz receives his CIC honorary MBA award in Cairo 2009


CIC Graduation Ceremony

 :: Mona Zaky achieved the MBA  :: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Attya

Cultured actress Mona Zaky Achieved MBA from Cambridge College - Britain in graduation ceremony 2008

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Solyman Al-Attya, The Saudi Cultural Attache in Alexandria. Achieves his Honorary MBA from Cambridge College - Britain.

 :: Dafer Al-Ghamdi receives his MBA  :: Qatari Cultural Attache

Dafer Al-Ghamdi receives his CIC MBA

Qatari Cultural Attache (centre), receives his CIC MBA award in Cairo.



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