English Mind Map

English Mind Map

English mind Map

How many people face problems in learning The English Language?

Are you one of them, tried but stumbled by a lot of obstacles?

Now, the solution is knocking on your door…

Now, you can break these obstacles.

You can surpass these problems.

You can easily and fluently converse in English.

You can get acquainted with the modern English Learning methods. 


Lecture Main Goals:

1-   Acquainting with the right and modern methods of learning.

2-   Treating the negative believes of English Language Learners.

3-   Breaking the fear and hesitation factor. This handicapped many

     people who have the basics of Grammar and a lot of vocabulary.

4-   Knowing the practical steps of Language Learning.




The Main contents:

·         The contents of English Language Mind Map.

·         The starting and ending points in Learning Language.

·         Self – confidence stages for developing the conversation skills.

·         Using NLP for breaking the Language fear and hesitation barrier.

·         Benefiting from Psychological Engineering exercises.

·         Surpassing the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening obstacles.

·         The ability of subjecting the neuro cells for building the Language sense

       of learners.

·         The modern sources for learning- Expert's advices.

·         How to learn in a short time?

Questions and Answers. Every participant will be given The Lecture